Sunset O'clock" turns every hour on its bottle into an chance to win trips to paradise and enjoy the sunsets with Corona
Enjoy sunsets with a Corona, and a twist. Corona is excited to launch an innovative promotion, Sunset O’Clock. The key to this promotion lies in the palm of your hand, quite literally, on every Corona bottle worldwide. Each bottle proudly displays the exact time of its production, transforming a free of cost asset into the catalyst for an exciting reward system, turning every Corona bottle into a medium that gives people a compelling reason to enjoy sunsets
How does it work?
It's easy and simple. The time printed on each Corona bottle becomes the “golden ticket” to exclusive rewards. The closer the production time is to the actual sunset time, the greater the reward. To claim rewards, simply take a photo of the time imprinted on the beer bottle and send it via direct message to Corona's social media. It's that easy! . Sunset O’Clock helps Corona consumers improve their sunset-watching experience with an opportunity to redeem exclusiverewards.​​​​​​​
"Corona consistently pursues innovative ways to pleasantly surprise consumers and encourage a deeper connection with nature. Through 'Sunset O'clock,' we effortlessly accomplished this by using a simple asset present in every bottle around the world. The beauty lies in its cost-free essence, a natural element of our bottle.” said Miguel Merino, Global Communication Director at Corona.
“We’re committed to creating special moments for our consumers. Sunset O’Clock is a clear expression of this commitment, providing a platform to encourage individuals to unwind and enjoy Corona during the sunset, all while reaping the benefits” added Junita Leon, Global Brands Marketing Director at Abi InBev Colombia.
Sunset O’Clock will begin in Corona in December. Rewards: Get a chance to win some trips to Corona locations.

Agency: DAVID Bogotá
Campaign: Sunset O'Clock
Client: ABI
Brand: Corona
Global CCO & Partner David: Pancho Cassis
Global COO: Sylvia Panico
CCO: Carlos Camacho
Managing Director: Juan Pablo Garcia
Copywriter: Jonathan Rodriguez, Nicolas Tellez
Art Director David: Izmael Crespo, Julian Olivares, Roger Gonzales
Bussines Director: Hanna Borresen
Head of Strategy: Carmen De Ureña
Global PR Director: Sandra Azedo
Production Company: Ochurus  

Client Approval
Global Communication Director at Corona: Miguel Merino,
Global Marketing Director at Corona: Joao Pedro Gentil Zattar
Global Brands Marketing Director at Abi InBev Colombia: Juanita Leon
Growth PM at ABI InBev Colombia: Corona: Juan Jose Muñoz

Black Thunder Studio
Production Manager: Natalia Romero
Photographer: Leyther Orozco

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